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Fur Storage

By Koslow’s Furs

Moths and other insects can be attracted to the natural oils in your furs.

Protect Your Investment for Today and Tomorrow

Did you know a critical step in protecting your fur’s appearance and condition is storage? Improper storage is one of the leading causes of fur damage, which can lead to expensive repairs or permanent damage. Proper fur storage is an extremely simple step to take, and has several benefits that will protect the longevity of your fur item.

Koslow’s Furs has a state-of-the-art fur storage vault on site here in Dallas, TX. You will never have to worry about your fur being shipped off or contained in cramped settings; our facility is local with spacious chambers.

There are several factors you should watch for when selecting fur storage: temperature, humidity, and security.

Fur needs to be stored at a certain temperature to maintain its natural oils. Humidity is also a factor. Too much or too little moisture in the air will affect the fine hairs and will cause your fur coat to either dry out or to be over-saturated.

Security from people and pests is also an important factor. Since fur is a luxury item, it can be a target of thieves trying to make an easy dollar. Smaller pest in the form of moths, beetles, and their larvae love fur hairs! These tiny nuisances can ruin your coat from the inside, leaving it a devastated shell of its former glory.

Koslow’s Furs is equipped with a temperature, humidity, and light controlled storage vault to protect your furs. In our vault, your fur will remain protected from the elements and unwanted pests.

You may not wear your fur often; we still recommend a proactive fur maintenance regimen including storage. Bring in your furs during the warmer months of the season when you are not wearing them. Don’t worry about monthly payments or trying to remember periodical payments; there is one annual fee. We only need a day’s notice when you are ready to pick up your fur from storage.

Five Reasons to Store Your Fur with Koslow’s

  1. Preserve the Beauty of Your Furs – We understand the value of your fur. It is possibly the most significant style purchase in your wardrobe. Fur storage is one of the best ways to extend the life of your coat so it can last generations.
  2. Professional Cleaning On-Site – Having your fur cleaned while in storage with us is an easy way to tackle two important fur maintenance steps at the same time. We can clean and condition your coat so it is ready for the upcoming season without any extra wait time.
  3. Peace of Mind from Mother Nature – Our vault is specifically designed to keep out the hazards of nature including mold, mildew, humidity, heat, light, and dryness. Moths, crickets, and other insects can devastate your fur. Our vault protects against all environmental risks
  4. Accident Protection – No one knows when an accident will happen, but it is best to prepare. Our professional vault keeps your valuable fur safe from theft, fire, or water damage. Most insurance companies do not cover preventable damage because of improper storage.
  5. Expert Knowledge and Care – We are more than a clothing boutique; Koslow’s Furs has years of experience in all fur services. Your fur will always be in the hands of our expert team or in-house master furrier.

Professional Fur Storage Close to Home

Koslow’s Fur stores your fur and fine fabrics with the upmost care and expertise. Our vault is UL rated against theft, fire, and other risks along with precise temperature control. Don’t risk storing your fur at home. While your home can maintain a comfortable temperature level throughout the warmer seasons, fur is delicate and sensitive to the slightest fluctuation in conditions. Store with the professionals and protect your fur’s radiance.

Pick-up and delivery are available in Dallas and surrounding areas. Call us today and schedule your no hassle, convenient, and secure pick up!

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