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Fur Restyle

By Koslow’s Furs

Koslow’s Furs can transform your old fur and bring it back to life.

Restyle Old Fashion into New Styles

In the world of furs, a growing trend is fur restyling. Restyling means taking an older fur and completing altercations to create a brand new style. Your fur may represent one of your largest single clothing investments, or you may have inherited your fur from family or a friend. Yet, it may be hanging in your closet unworn because it is dated or ill-fitting – think big shoulder pads from the 80’s.

If your coat’s current style doesn’t match your tastes, don’t let your fur’s potential go to waste. We can make small changes to tailor your coat to fit you more flatteringly, or we can go big with a complete transformation of your coat. From drab to stunning, Koslow’s Furs can bring your fur back to life!

Fur Restyling – A Touch of Magic

Fur has an almost mystic quality and the incredible durability to be transformed into a brand new garment. Choosing to restyle your existing fur can give you a new garment often for as little as a quarter of the cost of buying new.

First, bring in your fur and we will begin your consultation. We will listen to your ideas, and offer our recommendations. We will lay out the final design pattern for your approval and begin the restyling process. Depending on the style, we will deconstruct the garment as necessary. Extra fur that is nonessential will be removed, and the useful fur will be reworked. In some cases new fur will be added to your garment. We carefully source our furs so you know your garment will look its best.

At the heart of the redesign is our master furrier. Our master furrier is not an ordinary tailor or garment worker. He has spent years studying under the tutelage of European furriers.

Don’t risk your valuable investment in the hands of professionals outside the industry. Regular tailors are suitable for normal clothing but not luxury garments. While fur is durable, it can be damaged if altered in the wrong way.

At Koslow’s Furs, your fur will be in the hands of a master artist. Always.

A World of Possibilities

Popular restyles for today include:

  • Converting long and heavy mink coats into chic and wearable fur vests, long or cropped
  • Shear long hair mink, making your existing garment a more lightweight option
  • Replace the silk lining with a weather resistant fabric and make your fur coat fully reversible and more practical for varying temperatures and climates
  • Make scarves, earmuffs, trim gloves, or other fashionable accessories
  • Restyle fur into teddy bears and home accents like pillows and couch throws

There are so many possibilities! Fur restyling is a transformation of your an old fur into a fresh new style you’ll wear all the time – and your friends will want to know where you got it!

We can remodel your fur into something new while maintaining the sentimentality that was inherited along with the fur.

Contact Koslow’s Furs today to get started! (214)361-6400

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