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Fur Cleaning

By Koslow’s Furs

When finding a professional fur cleaner, do not risk taking your fur to a regular dry cleaner.

The Highest Quality of Fur Care

Owning fur is a special way to express your style, but it also requires special care. One of the best ways to extend the life of your favorite fur is to get it cleaned properly and regularly. Cleaning your fur will make your coat feel extra soft and plush and make sure it continues to look new.

Fur industry experts recommend having your fur cleaned at least once a year. If you are around smoke or have spilled something directly onto your coat, get it cleaned as soon as possible. The longer the scent or spill remains in the fur, more possible damage can occur.

Your coat may not seem dirty, but it can hold unseen particles from dirt, dust, and odors. These impurities love the natural oils in your fur; they will latch onto the individual hairs and dry them out. Normal wear exposes your coat to these particles. Your coat will dry out much faster if it is not cleaned properly on a regular basis.

Koslow’s Furs is highly experienced in these critical steps of fur cleaning, conditioning, and glazing. Our clients trust us with their furs because we are an established brand in the fur industry.

We evaluate your furs prior to conditioning and provide expert fur coat cleaning. We can clean and condition leather and shearling garments upon review. We also expertly clean and condition wool coats, fur trimmed coats, fur accessories, and most specialty outerwear.

It is recommended to clean and condition your fur regardless of use. This will remove dust, salt, solvents, and dirt particles that can destroy your fur. Oils are replaced to moisturize and recondition the pelts to help prevent premature drying. Dry skins are irreversible and once the skins of fur coats become dry they are more susceptible to damage. Therefore, reconditioning your fur coat on an annual basis is essential to maintaining its internal integrity and outer beauty.

Cleaning, Conditioning, and Glazing – The smart choice

When you bring your fur in, we will examine your coat for any damages or imperfections before we start the cleaning process. We will alert you if we come across any rips or tears. Koslow’s Furs owns a prosperity process that is unique to our company; it is an effective cleaning method that is also environmentally friendly. Our technique increases your fur’s longevity by maintaining the softness of the pelt during cleaning.

Fur cleaning is one of the best ways to protect your investment because pelts can dry out over time. Even if you don’t wear your fur often, the fur can dry, crack, and eventually break away from the coat.

Natural oils are replenished preventing drying and cracking – when properly maintained your fur will last decades! Oils in the pelts dry out in time and eventually become brittle and crack or tear, possibly beyond repair. This is why we use a detailed glazing system to help add gloss and shine to your favorite fur.

Benefits of Consistent Cleaning

Cleaning your coat is an easy way to give your fur a fresh, showroom scent. Even if you don’t wear your coat often or keep it in storage for most of the year, it is important to have it professionally cleaned at least once a year. Do not take it to a regular dry cleaner or try to clean it home. Fur is not like cotton or denim; it needs special cleaning tools and sprays to avoid damaging the fine hairs.

Remember – even if you only wore your fur lightly this winter, properly conditioning your garments extends its life and improves its appearance.

Keeping your fur in good condition will prolong its life and will allow you or your loved ones the opportunity to update or restyle it in the future, should you choose to do so. Koslow’s Furs is happy to work with you on all your fur and fine fabrics cleaning needs. Contact us  (214) 361-6400 or stop by The Shops At Park Lane, 8188 Park Lane – Suite 154 in Dallas, TX.

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