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Fur Appraisals

By Koslow’s Furs

What if something were to happen to your fur?

Your Fur’s Valuable Worth, Protected

Fur remains a smart investment both in financial and fashion worlds. Your fur’s style will always remain classic, and its value will also remain steadfast. With this in mind, it is important to have your fur officially appraised.

Koslow’s Furs is an authorized fur appraiser. With over 100 years of combined experience, our staff is ready to provide you a professional assessment of your fur. We are trained to appraise all furs including but not limited to:

  • Mink
  • Beaver
  • Chinchilla
  • Fox
  • Sable

When you bring your fur in, we will start with a thorough examination of your coat.  We will inspect the condition of the item and check for any damage including small rips, tears, or worn lining. The value of your coat also depends on the designer and brand. Unless properly cared for, fur can dry out if it has not received the recommended conditioning and storage. We will discuss these factors with you and answer any questions or concerns.

Accessible Official Documentation

Once the condition of the coat is determined, we provide a certificate of appraisal for the current fair market replacement value.

Appraisals are useful in many circumstances. If you plan on selling your fur down the road, getting an official appraisal is recommended. Having documentation legitimizes your selling price. Some fur wearers also choose to donate their old fur. If you do decide to donate your fur, keep our appraisal and charity receipt for your records during tax time.

Insurance is another important reason to have your fur appraised. An appraisal is a strong supplement to your home insurance plan. A standard insurance plan may not cover the full retail cost of your coat if it is stolen or damaged by accident. Owning a current fur appraisal can protect the value of your coat and also prevent unnecessary disputes in the future.

Estate planning should be kept in mind if you plan on passing down your fur to a family member or friend. The successor of your fur coat will benefit from having proper documentation

Whether you need a formal document for insurance or simply a verbal review of a fur garment, Koslow’s Furs is ready to assist you. Original appraisals get misplaced or are not passed on as furs are inherited. We welcome all furs in with no obligation and can aide you in determining whether an appraisal is needed.

Protect Your Investment for the Future

Your fur holds history and a unique legacy. Our experience means you can rest assure your item is not under or uninsured. We conduct all appraisals on-location with trained staff so you will never have to worry about shipping your beloved item or leaving it in unskilled hands.

By looking at your fur’s type of skin, length, and style, we will determine its monetary worth and provide you a formal written appraisal. We also provide appraisals for leather, shearling, and other fine garments, even if you did not purchase it from us.

Koslow’s Furs invites you to contact us at (214) 361-6400 or stop by our boutique at The Shops at Park Lane, 8188 Park Lane – Suite 154 in Dallas for all your luxury garment needs.

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